SEO Resume

SEO Resume: Rassin Roshan a Digital Marketer

SEO Resume, Rassin Roshan, a creative Digital Marketer, who is a dedicated Search Engine Optimization, SEO, fan, obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas in Arlington (UTA), 2006. Her selected major is “International Marketing with German and Web Design”.  Since then she strives to combine her academic education with real world problems. She worked at different companies with various titles, yet, remained within the online marketing industry. In 2007, she reached an understanding that her passion lay within the digital marketing industry. As time passes and our world becomes more digital and less physical, companies would be in need of updating to an in-house SEO Analyst or to hire an SEO consulting firm to provide special services that the in-house graphic designer and web developer is not trained to perform.

Rassin Roshan also obtained an “Internet Marketing Certificate” from Collin College, 2013. She went on to obtaining “Brand Management Certification” from Collin College, 2015. As a Digital Marketer, it is vital to understand and implement all things relevant under the Digital Marketing umbrella. SEO education goes on!

In search engine optimization, diversity is the #1 trade that any person can offer.

Roshan speaks, writes, and communicates in three languages fluently in English, German, and Farsi. She understands that not all websites are created in English; therefore, those websites that are created in different languages would benefit to become dynamic and infused with the English language. She has various strategies for Farsi SEO, German SEO, and English SEO, to bring static websites to life. Every website needs a different approach and a unique strategy.  Her education and research on how to use the best strategies in enhancing different websites need to be compensated!