Working Living United Kingdom

Working Living United Kingdom

Working Living United Kingdom

Working Living in United Kingdom has obstacles from Visa, Pay dual taxes UK & USA, and high cost of living

by Rassin Roshan | July 15, 2016 |

Working Living United Kingdom? Anyone thinking to relocate to the United Kingdom will have obstacles from obtaining a Visa, pay dual taxes UK & USA, and high cost of living. Working overseas can be a challenge! Recently, a friend sent me a job link and it turned out to be in London, England.  My immediate reaction was, “Why London, England?” Many people don’t realize that applying to a job and accepting a job outside the USA has many challenges. For starters, the cost of obtaining a visa is hefty. England’s work permit is one-of-a-kind, very expensive, and difficult to obtain. There are two ways to obtain a work visa for England. One to apply from your home country and it is much cheaper and second directly from England as you are visiting the country. England is a bureaucratic country with chaotic paper trail is shown in their GOV.UK website. There are no straight forward answers to a simple question. However, you can pay for convenience! Once you are there, you can say “Working Living United Kingdom!”

How to apply for a UK work visa?

How to apply for a UK work visa? The best way is to visit GOV.UK and read about their many different visa categories. Each category will outline different documents and has different prices. For example, Tier 2 (General) visa.  Your visa always depends on your status. Please see table 1: Tier 2 General (up to 3 years)

Who you’re applying for Apply (outside the UK) Extend or switch in the UK Extend or switch in person in the UK (premium service)
You £575  ($755) £664  ($872) £1,164  ($1529)
If you’re a citizen of Turkey or Macedonia £520  ($683) £609  ($799) £1,106  ($1452)
All dependents £575 each person


£664 each person


£1,164 each person


Currency conversion subject to daily trade. The converted prices are of 07/22/2016.

One of the other obstacle is to buy a one-way ticket that will cost you more than a round trip ticket from the USA to England.

Documents you must provide for UK Visa

In order to apply for your needed VISA you must provide the following documents:

  • A current passport
  • A passport-sized color photograph
  • A bank statement showing you have a least £945 ($1,241) in savings continuously over the last 90 days, or a sponsor’s certification that they can support and accommodate you for the first month you are employed
  • Proof that you meet the English requirement
  • Your Tuberculosis test results if you are from a country where you have to take the test
  • You need a blank page in your passport that is blank on both sides for your visa
  • You need to provide a certified translation of documents that aren’t in English or Welsh.
  • You might need to provide other documents depending on your circumstances.

You also need a letter of employment and the approved annual salary.

It might sound reasonable to those who desire to move to England, yet, it sounds over the top for others who just want to work 1-one year in the United Kingdom.

In order to show a bank statement in the UK, you must have traveled to England prior to moving there, and have opened a savings account to prove your financial status. Please note, it will take at least 10 business days for any visa application to be reviewed.

Housing in the UK:

From the other side, there are additional challenges and costs that everyone without a family member in the UK will encounter. If you have nowhere to stay for at least 1 month, you need to find inexpensive accommodations. In England you have many choices. First, there are hotels and pensions to stay for an extended period of time. Then there are apartments and at last there are rooms for rent at people’s houses or apartments, which they call flats. The rates are outlined as weekly or monthly. Two vital abbreviations are p.p.w. stands for Pay-Per-Week, and p.p.m. stands for Pay-Per-Month. If you are renting a room at someone’s apartment, your fee will encounter your simple utility bill (water, electricity, and TV.)  –You say, What TV? Yes, in England there is NO FREE TV.

You must pay for a TV license. If you are renting a room, you will get a furnished room and the privilege to watch TV, too! Keep in mind; you also need a deposit on your accommodation. However, if you choose to rent an apartment, then certain costs and amenities might be different. Always ask!

UK Transportation Costs

As a new comer, you might want to use the public transportation system. The public transportation Pass is referred to OYSTER CARD. This will cost you £81.50 ($107.05) per month. Whatever portion you did not use, you can return and get your money back.

UK-Income Taxes

Then there is the UK-Income-TAX obstacle! If an individual person accepts a job in the UK, he or she must pay the UK-Income-Taxes for their work. PLUS they have to pay USA-Taxes on top of it. This means your annual salary will be converted to US-Dollar and then calculated for your income tax of that particular year. This means, you as a US Citizen must pay double taxes. It is wise to check on your Social Security Administration website and read that ALL US Citizens are subject to Taxes when working overseas! Unless, individuals are sent to different countries through their employers. Working and living in the United Kingdom can have its benefits.

UK-Tax Brackets

UK-Tax brackets or band are roughly such and subject to change. The UK government provides its citizens “Personal Allowance”, therefore, the annual income is calculated differently than in other countries.

Here is an outline of how personal income was calculated in the UK in previous years of 2015-2016. – The standard Personal Allowance from 6 April 2015 to 5 April 2016 was £10,600.

Please find table 2 for tax rates:

Tax rate Taxable income above your Personal Allowance for 2015 to 2016
Basic rate 20% £0 to £31,785

People with the standard Personal Allowance started paying this rate on income over £10,600

Higher rate 40% £31,786 to £150,000

People with the standard Personal Allowance started paying this rate on income over £42,385

Additional rate 45% Over £150,000

What does this UK-Personal-Income-Tax calculation actually mean? It means if you earned £35,000 pounds, you only pay 20% on £24,400 pounds. The £10,600 was a gift from the UK government to you!


Consider your US-Social-Security before taking a leap-in-faith to move and work 3-three years in the UK.  Your dual UK and USA taxes will be a burden on your wallet! However, you will keep up to par with your US-Social-Security taxes, yet, you will lack funds to enjoy your three years in the country of Her Imperial and Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In conclusion, working living in United Kingdom has obstacles from Visa, pay dual taxes UK & USA, and high cost of living. To decide if this move is worth the cost and paperwork, this is a personal choice each person must consider carefully!
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