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LTRC, Inc. Elements of Transnational Audit & Site Assessment

by Rassin Roshan | July 2, 2017 |

LTRC, Inc. Phase I- ESA Approach

LTRC, Inc. of McKinney, Texas, provides Phase I, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA); which is a due diligence inspection by licensed inspector at LTRC, Inc. with over ten years of experience, who takes photos, review regulatory records and reviews areal photos to identify potential environmental impact and liabilities, such as hazardous materials due to current or past site activities. Determines level of compliance with regulations and environmental standards!  Also, evaluate environmental risks associated with property potential sources of contamination. Continue…

Phase II Approach, LTRC, Inc.

After inspections have been done for phase I, by a licensed inspector at LTRC, Inc. and all elements of the site have been noted. Phase II approach will follow to obtain information of potential contaminants and to determine extent of impacted media such as soil and/or groundwater. Samples of soil, groundwater, soil vapor, and other contaminated material when necessary.

Phase III ApproacH, LTRC, Inc.

Under phase III approach Remedial Action Plan (RAP) will be implemented. RAP a summary of environmental hazards found on a property during a site assessment takes place. LTRC, Inc. will provide a plan of action to illustrate what the cleanup goals are.  For more explanation please read last paragraph.

For further information, please visit or call them directly at 1 (972) 548-0000 or simply click here to find the Table I – Elements of the Transactional Audit and Site Assessment.